Portrait and Engagement Sessions

Artistic Bridals and Portraits offers outdoor photographic sessions at Dana point locations such as Salt Creek and Pines Park. These locations as well as other nearby locations are available for a $125 sitting fee. Each session lasts approximately one hour and generates 60 or more online proofs.

The custom session last two hours and generates 100 or more online proofs. This session is usually required when more than one couple is involved and may be required when photographing larger families. The cost for this session is $200.

Print options

3 categories of photographic prints are available to purchase. The options are Satin Prints, lacquered Classic and Prestige Canvas.

  1. Satin Prints-our finest automated prints and come with limited cropping styles. These are unretouched, natural color portraits.
  2. Lacquered Classic-custom printed by experienced technicians to obtain the best color reproduction and portrait balance then lightly retouched to subdue fine lines, skin discolorations and proof facial tone were needed. Mounted on fiberboard for support and protected with a clear luster spray. The lacquered classic comes ready to frame.
  3. Prestige Canvas-the ultimate portrait for the most discriminating of tastes. These are top-of-the-line prints made on custom photographic printers. Detailed portrait artistry subdues imperfections and fine lines to blend and highlight facial skin tones. Final portraits are mounted to an artist's canvas stretcher frame and covered with a protective clear luster finish which is now ready for framing.


Please call for prices.